Busworld 2023, Brussels

Busworld 2023, Brussels

Being part of the Global Bus Industry on TAM EUROPE’s Journey at Busworld Brussels

Busworld and the bustling city of Brussels recently hosted a monumental event in the world of buses. For TAM EUROPE, Busworld was not just a typical exhibition but a remarkable experience that provided insights, opportunities, and a platform to navigate the intricate terrain of the global bus industry.

Busworld Brussels is renowned as the most significant bus exhibition in the world. Every key player in bus manufacturing marks its presence at this event. This vast meeting offered an unparalleled opportunity to gather the latest industry updates and broaden our understanding of the global bus landscape. It was a remarkable chance to witness the diversity and innovation present within the industry on a global scale.

Attending the Busworld exhibition provided a unique vantage point to discern the differences between TAM-Europe and other leading industry players. Both from technical and design perspectives, it became evident where we stand in the market, allowing us to identify areas of improvement and innovation. This introspection is crucial for maintaining competitiveness and driving innovation within our company.


…but Most importantly, we proudly presented our company’s electric city bus VERO.

VERO – our star

A notable highlight was the attendance of numerous bus component suppliers. This presence not only signifies the importance of the event but also offers us a chance to engage and potentially expand our supplier base. Such expansion can pave the way for superior quality components at competitive costs, strengthening our production chain. Building strong relationships with reliable suppliers is a strategic move for enhanced product quality and cost-efficiency.

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Beyond the evident opportunities to learn and compare, Busworld served as an ideal platform for networking. Engaging with industry peers, competitors, and potential partners gave us insights into collaborative possibilities, potential joint ventures, and shared innovations. In an industry as dynamic as the bus manufacturing sector, collaborative relationships can lead to shared knowledge and advancements that benefit all parties involved.

The fare Busworld was not just a showcase of current technologies but also a glimpse into the future. Workshops and stalls highlighted emerging technologies, eco-friendly propulsion systems, and novel design concepts. These insights will be instrumental in shaping our future strategies and ensuring that TAM-Europe remains at the forefront of bus manufacturing innovation – staying ahead of the curve with emerging trends.


The journey continues, moving forward with e-motions, just like ones our VERO does.