At TAM-EUROPE we strive to combine values that lead us to provide the best results for our customers. In order to achieve such results in the market, we understand that with our own experienced teams of people we have to secure a working environment that allows each and every member to deliver great work on all levels of our company. With this in mind, we are convinced that a serious commercial vehicle manufacturer needs to understand all technical aspects of the vehicles being produced as well as the operational needs of their customers in the market. For these reasons Research & Development and Customer Service are the pillars of our undertaking to ensure we provide excellence.

Being oriented towards maximum customer satisfaction, we have a strong emphasis towards research and development activities in order to ensure we provide a quick and flexible reaction to dynamic market demands and in order to constantly remain at the forefront of technological development in the bus industry.

Now with the development of our electric drive system, the new products of TAM-EUROPE are today leading the way towards emission free vehicles and efficient public transport solutions.

At TAM-Europe we believe that the quality of service defines the market success of a company and its products. We are constantly mindful of the fact that even the best-engineered products require sound and reliable service in the field. The availability of well-trained service technicians and spare parts along with the will to solve our customers’ problems pragmatically, lead to our high quality after sales service, one that is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers long after the vehicle has been sold and delivered to its owner and operator.