VERO11 eBus: A Game-Changer in Sustainable Public Transportation of Giovinazzio

VERO11 eBus: A Game-Changer in Sustainable Public Transportation of Giovinazzio

VERO11-first delivered City eBus to the community of Giovinazzo

VERO11 eBus, a 10.7-meter electric bus equipped with a powerful 282-kWh battery pack, is set to revolutionize public transportation in the region of Puglia.With a remarkable range of 230 kilometers on a single charge, this cutting-edge eBus is poised to make a significant impact on the environment and the community it serves.

Designed to accommodate up to 72 passengers, the VERO11 city bus is a testament to the advancements in sustainable transportation technology. Operated by the esteemed Private Operator Miccolis, this eBus is a symbol of progress and commitment to eco-friendly mobility in the region.

The recent ceremony held at the premises of Miccolis in Bari was a momentous occasion, attended by the Mayor of the Municipality of Giovinazzo, Michele Sollecito. Mayor Sollecito expressed his profound satisfaction with the delivery of the Vero11 eBus and conveyed his anticipation for the positive changes it will bring to the community. The introduction of VERO11 marks a significant milestone for the region, as it represents “green” bus operating in Giovinazzo, with plans for it to commence operations in the near future.

The municipality received the electric bus by participating in the regional call “Smart go city“, aimed at municipal administrations that are planning to renew their urban transport fleet. The vehicle will be operated by Miccolis, already the owner of Giovinazzo urban transport.

Our objective – stated Mayor Michele Sollecito – is to introduce new lanes and new routes to reach strategic points in Giovinazzo and thus to promote the local public transport offer of our city. I am very happy that we have a vehicle that completely reduces the emission of pollutants into the air, as the bus is fully electric, which is driving us to focus more and more on sustainable mobility, while at the same time considering other similar interventions in our area.

For TAM EUROPE, the manufacturer of the VERO11 eBus, the introduction of this model in the European market signifies a landmark achievement. While it may be just one unit, the impact of this eBus is far-reaching, signaling the company’s entry into the European market and its commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. It is worth mentioning that this same model in its 8.7 meters version has won the tender in CONSIP and in the next 2 years will sign a contract to produce more units for ARST Sardinia.

Michele Sollecito Sindaco: VIDEO