eVIVAIR2 – TAM-Europe is shaping the future

eVIVAIR2 – TAM-Europe is shaping the future

eVIVAIR2 is an economic working machine where design, function and comfort are combined for you to start your journey with style. This offers a large variety of options, all satisfying IATA and airport safety standards.

It is the biggest bus on the market by passaneger capacity. It can be chosen between five different sizes and with up to 7 doors. Maintance is easy and it has low life cycle cost.

eVIVAIR2 – advantages

  • easy entrance and exit, thanks to 280 mm kneeling height
  • structure material, well protected and high quality steel profiles for chassis and body
  • passenger capacity of 4 passenger per m2
  • 70-80 % of the components are made in Europe
  • certificats: AHM 910, AHM 913, AHM 914, AHM 915, AHM 950, ISO 9001, ISO 14001
  • service cost are reduced due to windscreen that is combined of 3 pieces, wheels that are the same size, …
  • one engineĀ  – two air conditioners
  • maximum usability of the passenger space
  • standard equipment: parking sensors, cameras for the driving backwards, rotation light and ramp, …


VIVAIR2 is a reliable partner at airports all around the world.