Clean hydrogen energy integration, new possibilities

Clean hydrogen energy integration, new possibilities

This month, TAM-EUROPE signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yihuatong to jointly encourage the development of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market. Promoting airport shuttle buses as the application scenario and Europe as the key application area.

TAM manufactures high-end airport shuttle, new energy vehicles, intercity buses, high-end buses and other commercial vehicle. We have our own R&D and are manufacturing high-quality products. TAM-Europe is the only European full-load technology airport shuttle manufacturer. We are enjoying a good reputation in continental Europe, as well as in the Middle East, CIS, North Africa, East Asia, Southeast Asia and other markets. All that makes us a reliable potential partner for a good deal of strategic cooperation.

As a national high-tech enterprise integrating the R&D and industrialization of hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cells, Yihuatong has formed an internationally advanced and domestic leading product system. It is the first hydrogen energy and fuel cell system enterprise listed in “A+H” shares in China.

The cooperation of TAM-Europe and Yihuatong in the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for the European market will give full play to the influence of TAM:

• the influence in the commercial vehicle market with the technical advantages of Yihuatong in hydrogen energy and fuel cell power systems

• cultivating and developing the European hydrogen energy and fuel cell demanding market through the demonstration operations such as airport shuttles

• expanding to other regional markets around the world based on the European market.













We are pleased with entering the new strategic partnership with SinoHytec, seizing the opportunity to integrate renewable clean energy hydrogen into our industrial development and green philosophy.